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Robert Whitikkers Gracie Jiu Jitsu Gym

It was an amazing experience filming the Grand Opening of Robert Whittaker's new Gracie gym.

It's a great family oreientated gym and it was an honour to be involved in multiple video projects with them.

Our Work

XRS Connect

UHF CB Radio

Stockton Beach

Hiway Digital filmed this beautiful campaign at Stockton Beach, NSW. We then set up the YouTube Ad campaign using GME's Google Ads account. 

We created a 15sec, 30sec and 60sec version plus various social edits. Additionally, we did a A/B split, one with male VO and one with Female VO to see which performed better. 

- Over 66k views

- over 977 hours of watchtime

- 90% view rate

-Average view duration 52 seconds (The ad is 1 minute long)

The Wiggles

Dreamworld Promo

Filmed on location at Dreamworld, Gold Coast to promote Dreamworld. 

Ben Hardie, Hiway Digital founder filmed this promo in conjunction with The Wiggles production team and Dreamworld. It now has over 86k views! 

Ben has worked with the wiggles for over 15 years, filming, editing and touring. 

XRS-390C UHF CB Radio

Another successful campaign for GME promoting the new CB Radio for 4wds. 

Filmed in the studio and a moody creative.


- 1.2k hours of watch time

- Average view duration 49 seconds (54 second ad)

GME's PLB Safety Beacon (MT610G)

An important campaign promoting a Personal Locator Beacon.


- 38 second view time on a 42 second video

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